Moving ESG into the Mainstream:
Drivers and Actions
ESG issues have become increasingly central to economic performance and it is now widely acknowledged that they can have a material impact on company earnings and therefore investor returns.

‘Moving ESG into the Mainstream: Drivers and Actions’ explores the rise of ESG in Investments with insight from Blackrock, BASF and industry regulators.

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Focused on European market trends, the whitepaper explores:

  • The Value of ESG analysis – exploring the expected returns from factoring in ESG and the, often, detrimental costs of failing to do so
  • Asset Owners driving change – how asset owners are utilising ESG to shape the investment landscape, beyond just ‘ethical investing’ to the norm
  • Growing Pressure from government and citizens – how investors are pressured both top down and bottom up, whether it’s regulatory action or public protests
  • Addressing risks – tackling not some but every possibility, ensuring assets do not left stranded and reputations tarnished
  • New tools for measuring ESG – beyond the talk into data led reporting on how corporates and investors can demonstrate their ESG credentials
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