ESG through the Pandemic. The Solution to Enable Stable Investment Returns In North America
Excusive Insights From SASB, CERES and Federated Hermes
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We are living through extraordinary times as the world fights to control the coronavirus pandemic. Economic orthodoxy has gone out of the window as governments throw everything they have at the issue.

This is happening just at the time that investors were starting to embrace environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Some argue that ESG issues will inevitably have to take a back seat as we pick ourselves back up as the virus recedes.

But others say that the pandemic reinforces the need for investors to consider these issues. “Never has the need to build a more sustainable, inclusive economy been clearer or more urgent,” says Mindy Lubber, CEO of sustainable investing non-profit Ceres. “This pandemic is a painful reminder of our universal interconnectedness, our vulnerability to the seismic risks and sudden shocks our current capital markets systems expose us to, and the need for mass mobilization to tackle a common crisis.”

To provide you clarity on the path through the pandemic, we interviewed:

  • Leon Kamhi, Head of responsibility, Federated Hermes
  • Katie Schmitz Eulitt, Director of Investor Outreach, SASB
  • Mindy Lubber, CEO, CERES
This report will enable you to understand:

  • How the current ESG conversation is being affected by Coronavirus
  • Practical steps you can take now to unlock ESG’s potential for investment opportunity finding and risk assessment
  • How the US government’s view on ESG will affect the pandemic recovery and what this means for the investment community
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