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Content Includes:

Live Webinars

  • Join our live panel discussions for interactive learning, audience Q&A and the latest insights into the industries core challenges for now and tomorrow
Fireside Chats:

  • Automotive CEO Fireside Chat: Join us to hear from a leading OEM CEO and they share their views on electrification and building a sustainable end-to-end carbon footprint
  • Dealer CEO Fireside Chat: Join us to hear from a leading dealer CEOs as they share the plans to create disruptive retail models
Product Demonstrations:

  • Product Demonstrations - The Latest AV and ADAS Technology: Hear from leading technology pioneers as they keep you updated on the latest products for 2020 and beyond
  • The OEM and Tech Meeting Service: We will be providing a platform to understand your automotive needs and unite you will the most relevant tech partners, to ensure during this time you keep up to date with the latest solutions coming to market
Workshops/Interactive Discussions:

  • Keep in touch with your industry peers through our exclusive interactive workshops, enabling the industry to debate, discuss and plan from the comfort of your home
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