Live with Michelle Avary: The State of the Automotive Industry and the future post COVID-19
In our latest webinar below, we spoke with Michelle Avary, Head of Automotive and Autonomous Mobility, World Economic Forum live to discuss:

  • A reflection on the financial impacts across Asia and what this could mean for the global automotive industry
  • What have we learnt so far from COVID-19 and how could this affect sales, dealerships and volume
  • Supply chain: as many factories close, how should we prepare as an industry and what could a 2nd wave do to supply chain?
  • Post COVID-19: as we takeaway many learnings and a change in public perceptions, how might factories need to evolve ?
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This meeting will delve into focused sessions across:

  • The car of the future: Connectivity, Autonomous, Shared and Electrified
  • The car in context: How Automotive fits into the wider mobility movement
  • Connected Customer Experience: Digitalize the driving, engagement and servicing experience
  • Deliver the future of automotive retail: From transactional to an omni-channel customer-centric experience

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