The Future of Life and Health Insurance 2020
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2020 has seen the already complex life and health insurance landscape face hurdles we simply could not have envisioned. To say that factoring in a global pandemic into existing challenges such as the aging population, a sharp increase in obesity and mental health concerns has been a real test is an understatement. So, what now?  

With the right strategies and tech, insurance carriers have an opportunity to offer their customers more personalized products and services to create a brand name that is synonymous with not only reliability and support, but true innovation. 
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Access exclusive insights and case studies on how to:

  • Step up your IoT engagement strategy: Customers are not only willing to engage in connected technology – they are actively looking to. Forward thinking carriers are going one step further in using connected devices to encourage and monitor lifestyle changes, resulting in improved health outcomes and lower premiums that benefit both you and your valued customer
  • Build an unbreakable relationship with customers: 74% of health carriers saw increased loyalty and improved customer experience after making their digital strategy a priority. Access the case studies that will show you how to reach new customer groups and experience unmatched loyalty from your current customers.
  • Leverage a proof-driven actuarial strategy: Don’t get caught out by using static measures of risk to predict life expectancy or health trends. Utilize cutting edge technology and dynamic, varied and machine-learning led data to predict the future with confidence and minimize potential losses. 
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Fresh Insight for the Insurance Community

We asked our contributors to be open and candid about the industry they work in, the technologies impacting their job and the partnerships that are making and breaking the sector. 
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Our Contributors Providing Context

  • Shannon Lewandowski, Innovation and Digital Team – IoT, American Modern
  • Lorenzo Morganti, Big Data/AI Senior Project Lead, AXA
  • Glen Clarke, Head of Transformational Propositions, Allianz
  • Eugene Y. Wen, Vice President, Group Advanced Analytics, Manulife
  • Amrish Singh, Vice President of Product, Enterprise, Metromile
  • Allison Whittington, Head of Housing, Zurich Municipal
And many more…
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Survey Participants You Can Trust
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