White paper: Pharma’s path for digital health solutions
Navigating the commercial, data and regulatory challenges
Pharma's approach to digital healthcare products is maturing. The era of experimental pilot apps is being replaced with a more sophisticated and strategic approach. Pharma firms are now looking to align digital health products with their core product portfolios with a view to achieving meaningful scale and with it, significant clinical and commercial impact.

But it's still early days. Many companies are still on a steep learning curve about the particular challenges and complexities of getting a digital health product to market, not least among them the regulatory and legal ones. 
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  • Explore the partnership options for creating digital health solutions and understand which model will work best for you
  • Learn how to organize your teams for go-to market success with an exclusive case study from Novo Nordisk
  • Understand how to navigate the regulatory maze and how to work with regulators for digital health success
  • Find out how leading pharma manage data including device security and data jurisdiction – across the therapeutic lifecycle

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Contributors include:

  • Catherine Aung, Head, Global Innovation Lab, Ferring
  • Haider Alleg, Global Head, Digital Excellence, Ferring
  • Bert Seegers, Chief Business Officer, Orikami
  • David Kuperstein, Marketing Lead, Rare Disease North America Inline Brands, Pfizer
  • Anders Dhyr Toft, Corporate Vice President of Commercial Innovation for Digital Health, Patient Support Programmes, Device Strategy & Marketing, Novo Nordisk
  • Mike Baker, PHC Product Team Leader, Personalised Healthcare & Patient Access, Roche
  • Céline Ulmann, Head of R&D Digital, Almirall
  • Jim O’Donoghue, President, S3 Connected Health
  • James O’Riordan, Chief Technology Officer, S3 Connected Health
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