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Healthcare’s future has started
More than just an event, Total Health is a movement. At the inaugural Reuters Events' Total Health (November 19-20, Virtual) CEOs, innovators, disruptors and policy makers from across the healthcare ecosystem will seize upon this critical moment of transformation.

We will define a roadmap for a technology-driven, equitable, patient-centric, powered by access to next-generation medicine.
Key themes for the transformation of healthcare:

  • Transform Healthcare with Remote Care: Re-invent site of care to make access a problem of the past, drive organization costs down and ensure technology creates health equality
  • Predictive, Preventative, Personalized: Leverage real-world data and predictive analytics to identify health determinants and illness at an individual patient level and combine insight to anticipate future health crises
  • The Consumerization of Health: Capitalize on consumer technologies and empower patients to become the new healthcare decision-makers and enable greater personalization of treatment, multiplying the number of therapeutic options available
  • Breakthrough Medical Innovation: From Phage Therapy and Microbiome to Cell and Gene Therapy, discover new treatment possibilities by using platform, data and AI advancements to reveal novel disease patterns
  • Health Data and Collaboration: Find common ground on how to protect patient privacy at scale, manage breaches, stewardship and consent, while leveraging standardisation and interoperability for better patient outcomes
  • Health Equity: Ensure digital health doesn’t become another layer of inequality so all patients have equal access to affordable healthcare in the digital health era
Who Will Attend: The Boardroom of Healthcare

Our mission: Unite world leaders, CEOs, innovators and disruptors across healthcare to create new patient centric, accessible and equitable standards of health and wellness

Payers: Make access challenges a thing of the past by integrating with new stakeholders to drive patient satisfaction and exceed patient expectations in the era of digital health 

Providers: Drive the digital health agenda to increase access and quality of healthcare through technological innovation, whilst driving organization efficiencies

Pharma: Redefine patient value and the role of Pharma in the digital health era with rapid digital adoption for better customer engagement

Tech: From consumer devices, to medical services, medical devices and healthcare marketplaces Big Tech innovators and Health Tech start-ups re-imagine the business of health in the digital age

Patient Advocates: Represent the voice of the patient, ensuring that patient value is front and centre in all future healthcare developments 
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Jamie Harding
Head of Healthcare


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