Report: COVID-19 – Accelerating digital transformation in the life sciences
COVID-19 has placed the life sciences industry in Europe under extreme pressure, testing it like no other event. Lockdowns have shocked the system and exposed shortcomings. Every function has had to evaluate and adapt its roles and responsibilities almost overnight. This is all made clear in our April when we surveyed over 1000 pharma professionals across pharma and biotech – from R&D to commercial – to find out how their functions were adapting and what they saw the future as holding.

This report explores its findings in detail, analyzing them with pharma leaders who are adapting to this new normal and leading their company’s strategies. It looks at the pandemic’s impacts and what this all means for the individual industry functions in the coming months and years.

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  • Understand the impact of COVID-19 on pharma functions including commercial, market access, medical affairs and R&D – with the largest survey of senior-pharma professionals during the pandemic
  • Gain insights into lessons learnt – including how pharma can address the gaps in data and analytics, patient access and RWE
  • Hear from pharma leaders who are setting pharma’s course and redefining its “new normal”
  • Benchmark your company’s response to COVID-19 against thousands of professionals and industry leaders
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