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Inverters are one of the most important pieces of equipment in the Solar PV industry. Understanding the best practices in O&M inverter strategies will lead to a huge equipment and O&M cost savings, but will also provide you with learnings to maintain and operate transformers, substations, PV panel and other major parts of the plant.

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What you will learn:

  1. Hear from inverter expert Davide Grandi, Enel Energy to find out the latest O&M strategies that you need to optimize the maintenance process on your inverters, from contracts to maintenance routines
  2. Understand the best practices for PV O&M invertors, and how by implementing them can reduce your costs
  3. Gain insight into the most effective lessons learnt by owner-operators who insource O&M vs. those who outsource O&M services and how it has affected their portfolio to optimize yours!
This Podcast has been created to provide an invaluable resource to all PV owner-operators, utilities, IPPs, O&M providers, ISPs, investors, analysts, PV tech innovators and many others.

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This podcast has been created in conjunction with the PV Operations and Financial Strategies Virtual Conference 2020 (November 12-13)  where invertor strategies is a key theme in a panel discussion and in presentations given by industry experts.

The virtual platform will share 30+ live leading sessions, plus an extensive on demand section which will provide you will all of the information that you need to excel in the Solar PV industry! You do not want to miss this content!

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