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Themes: What will be discussed?

The 2-day virtual program is based around our four key strategic pillars:


Technology is permeating the fabric of every aspect of human life more quickly than ever before. Education, healthcare and civil society must be reimagined through the lens of what is possible through technology.


Technology’s impact the future of work is seen has a huge positive for some whilst for others is deeply unsettling. With seismic shifts in global working practices, now is the time to craft the future of the new working world, explore new business models and talk tech skills.


A more sustainable world requires dramatic changes in how we produce and distribute goods, feed ourselves and move from one place to another. Through technology, radical shifts in business and consumer behaviour pave the way for more sustainable environmental, economic, and business practices.

Trust & Ethics

Technological innovation and disruption is developing faster than our existing institutions and the zeitgeist is shifting. We need to answer pressing questions about the positive and negative impact technology can have on our society. 

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