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Global challenges must be tackled collectively with global problems. However, implementing solutions at scale can seem like a unconquerable challenge. As the tragedy on the horizon, climate change, draws nearer the world needs a vast portfolio of solutions to match its problems. We need new partnerships, new ways of collaborating and open innovation among all stakeholders.

At The Reuters Events Responsible Business 2021 we will bring together 5,000+ global leaders from CEOs, policy-makers, CSOs, and investors who are driving change worldwide. Together we can innovate, invest and collaborate to tackle global problems and lead a clean and just future.
Global Leaders who joined us in 2020:

Key themes include:

Climate Action: Build resilient strategies that deliver change on key climate risks and opportunities. Help lead ambitious coalitions that will drive the required climate action.

Collaboration: Leading to a sustainable future requires collaboration from private and public sectors to deliver lasting change. Learn how companies can work together to embrace a new purpose, one that helps address key societal issues and environmental issues as part of their recovery.

Social Equality: Companies need to draw long-term plans for social inclusion and racial equality that go beyond announcements and new initiatives. Now is the time for businesses to take the lead on key issues and drive real change within communities and across borders. Learn how to best drive action among key stakeholders.

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