Reuters Events Automotive Live Discussion: Optimizing Automotive Assembly Lines
February 17th 2021

11:30 a.m. EST / 4:30 p.m. GMT
Reuters Events and Drishti will be hosting a live discussion to explore how OEMs and suppliers can cope with COVID-19  and improve quality, productivity and training at scale. Hear from experts how AI-powered production works to improve and optimized existing lean practices.

In this workshop, Drishti executives will discuss these questions and more with a principal from Deloitte.

For the first time, OEMs and suppliers will improve quality, productivity and training at scale. In this workshop, you’ll see how AI-powered production works to improve existing lean practices, even on lines you thought were optimized, by tapping the potential of your greatest asset: people.

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This discussion will delve into important key topics including:

  • Rapidly isolating the root cause of quality issues using video “instant replay”
  • Shortening line associate training times by using video for richer training experiences
  • Increasing throughput and optimizing line processes using Drishti’s continuous time-and-motion data creation
  • Sharing live video of the line to reduce travel times and costs

We'll also walk through real-life cases studies showcasing how OEMs and suppliers used Drishti to improve key metrics like throughput, defect rates, RCCA and more. This workshop will show how the volume and quality of data that Drishti provides can significantly improve your factory operations.

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