Rethink Engagement & Drive Customer Lifetime Value – it’s Now or Never! 
General Mills, IPSY, TrueCar, & Iterable reveal how a data-driven, cross-channel marketing strategy

Marketing executives across every industry have had plenty on their plate in 2020. However, whether they are working for shiny new tech startups or century-old brands, most marketers agree that the recipe for success has changed as people have lost jobs, loved ones and livelihoods, and the economic recession has deepened.

While the long-term impact of COVID-19 remains unknown, platforms and technologies are changing apace. No longer is it enough for marketers to be curious, creative, and customer-driven. In 2021, the need to engage, empathize and retain customers will continue to be top of the marketing agenda. But the way we build those positive relationships - both internal and external – is shifting. 

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You’ll get insights from leaders, including:

  • Brad Hirinaga, Chief Brand Officer, General Mills – “Doing good drives our business. It creates a lovely virtuous cycle that builds customer lifetime value”

  • Jenna Habayeb, Chief Brand Officer, IPSY – “long gone are the days of big, beautiful, glossy $100,000 campaigns… we are now in an era of very quick, snackable, mini-blitz-type moments.”

  • Beth Mach, Chief Consumer Officer, Truecar – “Instead of thinking about what technologies I need to invest in, I am looking at what we can consolidate or live without”

  • Alyssa Jarrett, Director, Brand & Content Marketing, Iterable - “the rise of direct to-consumer, rapid-growth startups that are coming out of the woodwork to take market share from traditional companies as something that enterprise marketers really must be aware of”

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7 Tips From the Mouths of Marketers (more detail in the report)

  • Engage with empathy
  • Take a full-funnel approach
  • Prioritize first-party channels
  • Deliver unforgettable experiences
  • Make it hyper-personal and hyper-local
  • Do a ton of research and test
  • Reduce churn, build customer lifetime value
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