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With supply chain planning now central to commercial success, planning departments are set to undergo a new wave of transformative processes to switch from outdated manual data processing models to a reliable, fast, and cost-effective predictive strategy.

Reuters Events Supply Chain Planning 2021 (August, 25th-26th 2021) will unite key leaders from across operational and planning departments to provide leadership, build partnerships and shed light on the defining issue of our time.
2021 is the year to set the budgets, innovate and prepare to scale collaboratively to change the way brands plan supply chains and forecast demand, and exceed expectations of savvy, demanding customers. 
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The 5 reasons why Reuters Events Supply Chain Planning 2021 is the must attend event for supply chain leaders and innovators

  1. Unique voices, one united goal. Everyone focused on supply chain operations, logistical execution and technology enablement is there, all learning from each other
  2. Interactive and collaborative. Not just any other conference – Supply Chain Planning 2021 is designed around specific strategic aims, each with a corresponding collection of interactive discussion
  3. Seniority 80% of our attendees are director-level or above
  4. Curated content. Hundreds of conversations go into preparing our agenda, ensuring the quality of discussion and speakers to deliver specific content that is tailored to your needs
  5. Case-study heavy. You need to see real, detailed examples. Our speakers will provide you with them
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Key Strategic pillars being discussed in 2021 include:
  • Data Infrastructure & Strategic Partner Integration
  • Advanced Planning Analytics  
  • Change Management Process Road Map
  • Pilot & Process Analysis, Financial Planning and Execution
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Supply Chain Leaders driving the planning transformation include
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We are currently hard at work researching with our network of advisors and experts to deliver an exceptional 2021 agenda. If you are keen to be involved and have your say in this direction, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me

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