Reuters Events: The Future of Insurance USA 2021
2020 was a year like no other, showcasing the ability for the world to change in an instant with insurance carriers being among the first to have felt the impacts.

In 2021, the effects of business disruption are still prominent, we are seeing the continued acceleration of digital transformation programs and the heightened push to provide innovative products that reflect the changing demands of our customers. Now, with the experience and understanding gained from the past year, we must forecast what the future will look like, and pioneer this defining era for insurance on a global stage.  

Reuters Events’ The Future of Insurance USA (June 22-24, 2021) returns for an executive view of the internal and external trends shaping the insurance industry, and the case studies that provide strategies to effectively deploy innovation, people, and cutting-edge tech to succeed.
C-Suite Leaders who joined us in 2020: 
The 4 Pillars Defining The Future Of Insurance:

  • C-Suite Strategy:  What lessons from 2020 will you take forward? Unite with C-Suite executives from across North America to gain invaluable insights and affirm your company’s ethos and brand as an industry leader, building resilient business strategies.
  • Product: Matching customer needs with pioneering products creates competitive advantage. Learn how companies are working to develop innovative products, be the first to market and expand your customer base to achieve unprecedented growth.
  • Technology: With an abundance of tech at our fingertips, it’s difficult to know where to invest. Remote working, continual development of AI ML, and a rise in customer-facing tech demands digital transformation on both the back end and the front end. Discover the case-study backed technologies that really work and invest with success.
  • Customer: It’s no secret that the customer is setting the standard for the future, and challenges lie not only in providing the service they deserve but the products they demand. Now is the time for companies to demonstrate true customer centricity to tap into previously hard-to-reach customer groups.
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