Digitizing Claims: Think big, execute small
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There is nothing in the rulebook that says transformation has to be done wholesale. Instead, savvy organizations are finding ‘quick wins’ that have a positive impact on the customer’s claims experience. But if we’re going to be eating the elephant one bite at a time, which are the tastiest morsels to go for first?

We gathered Chief Claims Officers and insurtech thought leaders to answer this key question among others in this brand-new, free whitepaper sponsored by VPay.
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Download your free copy of the Digitizing Claims Whitepaper now > > >
The Claims Insights To Inform Your Strategy

As we witness the extinction of outmoded practices, this whitepaper will give you a blueprint to accelerate your digital innovation plans.

Here are some insights you can’t miss:

  • Hear from industry experts across the insurance sector as they reveal how carriers can access digital innovation and customer experience gains while minimizing disruption to ‘business as usual’
  • Explore why insurers shouldn’t be scared of investing in data and hear how Chief Claims Officers are taking ownership of their own customer information
  • From telematics to AI, discover the incremental gains that will unlock profitability and world-class customer experience
Download your free copy of the Digitizing Claims Whitepaper now > > >
Sneak Peek of this Exclusive Whitepaper

“Claims data is produced by claims people and they understand the relationship”.
Grace Hanson, Chief Claims Officer, Hiscox

“When we talk about telematics, it’s typically related to driving behavior and discounts, but over the last few years it has been a bigger focus in claims. When we have vehicles that are connected, the ability to take data to fill in gaps during a claims event is very valuable.”
Pete Frey, Director of Commercial Lines Telematics, Nationwide

“By outsourcing you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the pace of change. You can implement a digital payment strategy in a matter of months, if there’s a will to do it, and the ROI is immediate, along with enhanced customer engagement and retention”
Jeffrey Brown, President, VPay.
Download your free copy of the Digitizing Claims Whitepaper now > > >
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