The New Insurance Frontier Survey Infographic 
Get ahead of the curve on your 2021 transformation plans
2021 is set to be a year of big changes that no one could have predicted happening so soon. As our brand-new Future of Insurance Report shows; 60% of insurers are looking to transition to more digital offerings in the next 12 months.

It’s clear that the events of 2020 have changed the trajectory of the industry and accelerated transformation plans for so many, making it more important than ever to track where the industry is headed.
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We here at Reuters Events have partnered with Advantage Go to bring our insurance community the most business-critical insights.

Get the latest data on the new priorities for the insurance industry, including:

  • Use of technology: With so many new technologies available, and with so many more potential partners for each one, it has never been more important to understand where the industry is prioritizing investment
  • Customer satisfaction: It’s abundantly clear that customer needs and expectations are driving innovation across the value chain and knowing how to measure, understand and act on customer input is vital
  • Change management: From navigating a new working world to new capabilities for your workforce, the right change management strategies and processes are crucial to operating at your very best
  • Underwriting innovation: Discover how underwriting is changing to meet an age of continuous disruption with new capabilities
And more…
Request your free copy of the “The New Insurance Frontier – Everything you need to build your competitive edge” survey infographic today > >  > > 
Discover how you stack up and build your competitive edge

According to our survey:

  • Advanced analytics and digital portals are the 2 most important technologies to insurers as of 2021 BUT insurance carriers are prioritizing investment in AI ahead of digital portals
  • 74% of insurance carriers expect their transformation budgets to be increase over the next 12 months
  • Most insurers believe that the hardest experience for their customers is tracking the value of their claim

You can see the full range of insights gathered from hundreds of insurance executives by requesting your copy of our survey infographic today. 

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