Finance acquisition strategies for renewable gas projects
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The renewable fuels market is powered by very promising opportunities post disruption. Biogas, biomethane, renewable diesel, renewable jet fuel, renewable hydrogen, as well as other green fuels are joining forces in the mission to decarbonize transportation.

However, market players must face tough barriers to monetize green fuel projects. Whether we refer to the heavy truck sector, public transportation systems, passenger vehicles or air transportation, the challenges associated with finance acquisition, risk mitigation, building the business case for new projects, navigating through policy hurdles and accelerating green fuel demand can only be tackled through collective expertise and valuable market experience.

To help shed light on the right solutions, Reuters Events Renewable Fuels 2021 brings together a series of insightful virtual activities, featuring webinars, workshops and white papers, in collaboration with likeminded thought leaders who speak openly to the most critical market challenges and opportunities.

What’s more, in a world where human interaction has become more essential than ever, this series of insightful content aims to enable the networking and industry connections that the industry needs in order to progress.

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