Digitising Workflows - Issues and Opportunities (In Partnership with Slync.io)
(Tuesday March 30th 3-4:30 CET)
Uncertainty is an understatement in the world of supply chain. The sharing of ideas has never been more important, leaning from peers has never been more critical.

As such, Reuters Events and Slync.io host an exclusive virtual Workshop: Reduce Touch Points to Enhance Customer Satisfaction (In Partnership with Slync.io).

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Why join:

  • Share ideas among 10-12 senior industry peers to solve common challenges
  • Build relationships that will help you survive and thrive amid the current crisis, and that will last into the future  
  • Dial in from anywhere to work collaboratively with industry counterparts on your most crucial challenges
  • Gain eye-opening insight in an intimate, ‘behind closed doors’ setting

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55% of logistics operations still depend upon manual processes and a high-degree of human interaction. Fragmented systems and processes, reduce service levels, impact productivity and customer satisfaction in an already competitive environment.

This interactive discussion seeks to explore common challenges in global logistics and the ways in which businesses are quickly adapting their operations and workflows to reduce manual touch-points and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Pros and cons of system replacement or augmentation existing software investments through tighter integration and digitalization to maximise value 
  • Manage employee productivity and enhance customer experience through targeted automation of manual tasks such as data entry
  • Intelligent deployment of automation to avoid “data overload” by prioritizing information and activities to more efficiently and cost-effectively allocate resources

Audience Criteria:

  • Region: Europe
  • Industry: Logistics
  • Seniority: Directors, VP, SVP, C- Suite
  • Responsibilities: Technology, Innovation

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