Whitepaper: Repowering onshore wind assets in Europe - drivers and opportunities
Reuters Events deep dives in our latest whitepaper exploring the opportunity and challenges facing European onshore wind repowering, and what policymakers can do to remedy the current situation.

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Repowering is the onshore wind opportunity that never seems to take off in Europe. The continent has one of the oldest fleets in the world, making it a prime target for repowering efforts. Yet only a fraction of potential repowering projects goes ahead every year.

With insights and interviews from the full value chain of stakeholders, covering:

  • Review repowering principals, regulation and market potential
  • Understand the age distribution of onshore wind capacity across Europe
  • Gain insights on the (missed?) opportunity and barriers for large-scale repowering
  • Assess alternative strategies for aging assets in European fleets

Contributions, comments and insights from experts at:
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Rhys Watt
Project Director

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