Healthcare’s most important moment

Virtual, Nov 15-18
Healthcare is still in a crisis. Lessons learned during the pandemic - urgency, collaboration, speed of innovation - must now be applied to build a better healthcare system.

As the world looks to the healthcare industry for guidance, Total Health is where its leaders come to set the agenda and change lives.

More than just an event, Total Health is a movement. We Unite CEOs, innovators, disruptors and policy makers to set the roadmap for a system of full access and health equity.
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Total Health Speakers Include:
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Key themes at Total Health include:
  • Health Security: Build health systems, not sickness systems: Leverage real world data to identify social determinants of health to build predictive, preventative and personalized, value-based care for populations.
  • Health Data and Collaboration: We are at a rare and exciting intersection in healthcare. Data, that has been accumulating, meets computational resources that can handle it. As such, breaking down the barriers that keep patient health information locked in digital silos is critical, not only for compliance, but to unleash the untapped potential of data-driven healthcare.
  • Virtual Care: The adoption of telehealth continues to rise rapidly, requiring seismic shifts in the approach to patient pathways and care across the continuum. Re-invent the site of care to make access a problem of the past and drive down organizational costs.
  • Breakthrough Medical Innovation: The pandemic showed us the power of a crisis mindset to fuel collaboration, innovation, investment and speed. Leverage new ways of working to break down barriers and build therapeutics of tomorrow.
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