Getting Personal: A deeper understanding of the customer and personalized service is vital to best-in-class customer experience
In the digital era, successful carriers need to reach a vast audience quickly, cheaply, and effectively. With the level of data analysis and insights generation available at our fingertips, insurers need to capitalize and seize opportunities to create competitive advantage. Providing omnichannel personalization can be challenging, so what steps can we take to ensure success?

We asked C-Suite leaders to answer this key question in this brand-new, free whitepaper sponsored by Ushur.
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C-Suite Insights To Inform Your Strategy:

As customer demands and expectations are transforming rapidly, this whitepaper gives you the steps needed to beat your competition, providing the roadmap to successfully develop a data-driven, fully personalized CX.

Here are some insights you can’t miss:

  • Define what personalization truly means in order to create a best-in-class CX
  • Explore the most frequent and impactful interactions to identify root causes, optimize processes and get a full, well-rounded view of the customer journey
  • Revolutionize your information collection process to leverage data wisely; gather only the information you need, for the right reasons and use it in the right way 
Sneak Peek of this Exclusive Whitepaper:

“It can literally change the company culture and having the whole company feel empowered to impact the journey is something that is in our sights.”
Melissa Joye, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Farmers Insurance

“There’s value in hyper-personalization but the quality of the data gathered is more important than the quantity.”
Scott Steele, VP, Chief Marketing Officer, Church Mutual Insurance Company, S.I.

“It’s not about doing nothing until you can give the customer everything. Where you start is where customers are telling you they are the least satisfied.”
Meredith Barnes-Cook, Head of Global Insurance, Ushur

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