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These workshops have been created as part of Reuters Events Pharma Clinical 2021. Clinical 2021 (April 7-9) is the number 1 event where clinical innovators come together to share insights, inspire new ideas, understand best-practices and benchmark against the best.

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Workshop 1: Welcome to the content cloud: One secure platform for Clinical collaboration and remote site monitoring
Thursday April 8th   10am GMT

Due to Covid-19, life sciences organisations are pressured to accelerate collaboration across their clinical researchers, clinicians, sponsors, and external alliances like CROs and Labs. Traditional in-person clinical site workflows, like document verifications or clinical site monitoring digital are challenged without an easy way to share and collaborate on clinical site documents, analyse it, and then drive it through the value chain quickly. 

Join Manu Vohra, Managing Director, Life Sciences, Box Katherine Davidson, Large Enterprise Account Executive, Box, Marco Rohr, Large Enterprise Account Executive, Box Jan Husemeier, Large Enterprise Account Executive, Box to discuss:

  • Why in-person or paper-based clinical workflows like, reporting, auditing, monitoring or verification are no longer viable
  • Clinical data is stuck in silos because CROs, Hospitals, and Clinics have many different technologies in place
  • Getting clinicians trained on multiple systems in order to access trial info is time consuming and slows down clinical operations
  • Purpose built solutions are incredibly costly and do not allow custom integrations
  • Lack of control and visibility into how data is being shared creates data leak risk
  • Compliance violations are costly and can hurt brand reputation especially when patient data (PII) is concerned
Accelerate clinical R&D processes across the value chain, maintain GxP compliance and reduce your overall IT footprint. Designed with content at the center, Box is the content cloud: one secure platform for managing your clinical and patient records in the cloud.
Workshop 2: Protecting the crown jewels from cyber threats.
Tuesday April 13th  9am ET/2pm GMT                                                                       

Discuss the challenges, ideas and practical solutions for protecting the LifeSciences sector amidst the escalating cyber threat landscape. 

They will kick off the discussion and share their experiences and perspectives on keeping data safe.

Join Abel Archundia, MD Life Sciences, Istari, & Advisor to BlueVoyant, formerly the Global Pharma CIO and Digital Transformation at Bayer, Robert Hannigan CMG a cybersecurity specialist and International Chairman, BlueVoyant and Dr. Amy Williams, Director of Proactive Services, BlueVoyant as they explore the following questions:

  • Developing a data and technology strategy to maximize business the opportunities presented by accelerated digitalisation and online collaboration.
  • Third-party and supply chain cyber risk has the attention of the Board - the inherent risks that COVID-19 presented has accelerated this visibility. What are the lessons learnt from other industry sectors? 
  • Questions you should be asking the business - so that you can collectively protect your crown jewels from threat actors.
  • Board members are now paying attention, and want to know what their teams are doing about it, now. What can be done to answer this?
Workshop 3: Wearables and Remote Monitoring in Clinical Trials: Patient and Human Factors
Tuesday April 13th 11am ET / 4pm GMT

With hybrid and decentralized clinical trials becoming the new normal, the use of sensor-based wearables, monitoring devices and clinical trial apps intended to regularly collect PRO and experience data are critically important to the success of the trial.  Choosing, testing, modifying, and then validating devices and solutions for trials can be complex, yet it needs to be done quickly and effectively. The answers and validation are often, "outside the building" with the patients, caregivers, and investigators who will use these devices and tools. This will be a highly engaging conversation about the real-world concerns and factors about preparing for success.  

Join Todd Greenwood PH.D, Director of Client Solutions, Medullan, Vasundhara Sridharan, Principle user experience researcher, Medullan and Adriano Garcez, Director, Digital Health Strategy & Implementation, Medullan as they discuss:

  • Standardize and accelerate the process of choosing clinical trial devices
  • Ensure that devices provide endpoints that are both fit-for-purpose and exploratory
  • Improve the consistency of wearables and devices used across the clinical research program
  • Develop repeatable processes for future device selection
Workshop 4: Crisis as a Catalyst:  Clinical Trial Decentralization Perspectives on Patient, Clinical Sites and Sponsors 

Thursday April 15th 11am ET/ 4pm GMT

Join Matthew McCarty, Integrated Customer Solutions, ERT, Elisa Cascade, EVP, eCOA, ERT and Matt Johnson, Vice President, Wearables & Digital Biomarkers, ERT as they discuss the key learning objectives:

  • Understand current environment and implications of moving towards a decentralized trial framework
  • Understand the difference in Stakeholder perspective and addressing practical needs across the start-up, conduct, and close-out phases of trial operations
  • Understand the opportunity for trial enhancement by leveraging connected devices and digital endpoints capture into trials
  • Understand considerations for data capture, analysis and clinical workflow in a decentralized model, including trial oversight implications
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  • Face time and interaction with other human beings(!): During COVID-19, take this opportunity to connect in an informal environment with likeminded people from across the globe, but are all working on the same things as you.

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