Decarbonising Transport Briefing

Why the future of transport is ELECTRIC
Of all the economic sectors contributing to CO2 emissions, transport emissions are the fastest growing. According to the World Economic Forum, emissions from mobility are on track to double by 2050, with 70% of transport emissions led by the growth of passenger vehicles, corporates power up the race to replace the internal combustion engine

Reuters Events just published Decarbonising Transport Briefing where we assess the global progress to tackle transport emissions. To access the briefing simply click here:

Some of the key touchpoints in the latest issues include:

  • How cities around the world are planning to sustain the reduction in emissions as lockdowns ease,
  • How President Biden’s administration is already impacting the transport industry,
  • Analysis of the growing impact and influence of Climate Group’s EV100 initiative,
  • Insights into how the Chilean government looks at the plethora of initiatives seeking to repurpose and reuse redundant EV batteries
  • Assesses the prospects for green hydrogen to be used to decarbonise long-distance trucking and shipping
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Download your briefing >>>>>>
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