The Executive Keynote Panel Discussion - Digital Transformation in Action: Upstream Operations
June 14-15, 2021
Reuters Events: Data Driven Oil & Gas 2021 (June 14-15, online) will unite leading operators and contactors to develop data driven strategies that will revolutionise the entire value chain.

By tuning in to this year’s Keynote Panel - Digital Transformation in Action: Upstream Operations you will get the chance to:

  • Access shared examples of digital transformation in action from high level executives from ADNOC, Shell and ENI
  • Discover how to successfully scale digital across operations and breakdown silos
  • Hear the key digital strategies in place to reduce cost, lower carbon emissions and reduce downtime
Executive Keynote Panellists:

  • Lee Hodder, VP Upstream Digital Transformation, Shell
  • Giacomo Silvestri, Group Head of Digital, Eni
  • Alan Nelson, Chief Technology Officer, ADNOC
  • Moderated by: Alan Carnrite, CEO, Carnrite
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Our technical 2-day summit is set to inspire a decade of action and prepare the sector for Industry 4.0, with diverse voices from around the word bringing passion, experience and expertise to meet increasing energy demand whilst meeting new sustainability goals.

When the world was in disarray, digital was there to fall back on. Now it is here to breakdown siloes, reduce downtime and ultimately increase the bottom line.
What does my Keynote Pass include:

  • Access to live Data Driven Oil & Gas 2021 morning panels and presentations (June 14-15) ONLY
  • Access to virtual exhibition 
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This pass does not include:

  • Access to exclusive networking post and prior to event
  • Access to the 1-to-1 event messaging centre and build new connections with your industry peers 
  • Access to in-depth and interactive workshops and roundtables (afternoons June 14-15)
  • Live Q&A and polling 
  • Access to all presentations, panels and fireside chat recordings on our On-Demand Event Hub 
  • Access our speaker green room  
  • Access to our post-event insights report  
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