Reuters Events: Future of Oil & Gas 2021

A Responsibly Fuelled Future.
It is no secret that the oil & gas industry is facing increasing social and environmental pressures to clarify its future role amidst a global energy transition. But the question is simple. Within a changing world, should oil & gas companies be viewed as part of the problem, or as critical to solving it?

The entire energy sector, including oil & gas, must transform. And fast.

Reuters Events: Future of Oil & Gas (26-27 October, 2021) unites leaders and change makers from across the energy ecosystem to shed light on the dual-challenge: increased energy demand, and reduced emissions. This event provides the platform for leaders to define the future for the fossil fuel industry, with diverse voices from around the word bringing passion, experience and expertise to deliver a new path forward.
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The Future Vision for Oil & Gas

  • Meeting Increasing Demand: Build a resilient portfolio and operating model and find out who is looking after the post-pandemic resurgence of demand and stabilize a shaken economy.
  • O&G As Trailblazers For Net Zero: Oil & Gas is still the biggest player in the global energy mix. Find out how supermajor E&Ps are diversifying their portfolio and carving the path to a greener future.
  • Engaging Gen Z In Upstream O&G: Learn how to construct a diverse employee culture to promote a collaborative, innovative and agile workforce that can utilize the varied skillset of the next generation and beyond.
  • Future Governance Frameworks: With Cop 26 looming, discussions of COVID recovery, offsetting carbon emissions, financial aid for developing regions and meeting reviewed Paris goals become Paramount. Be at the forefront of the discussion to keep a competitive advantage.
  • Acceleration of Digitalization: Discover the technologies that can reduce risk, set near-term emissions targets, standardize reporting, and drive human-machine collaboration.
Global Leaders in Attendance
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