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November 16 - 18

This is the new business imperative. It’s time we move beyond setting goals and move to enacting strategies that deliver change and action. We need a new business model, economic system and new definitive actions that create long-term value for business, its stakeholders and the wider society. 

Reuters Events: Responsible Business USA 2021 will convene 4,000+ business, policy, investment and sustainability leaders who are driving change to share new strategies and solutions on HOW business can innovation, invest and collaborate to lead a new business future. Join us on November 16-18 as we ensure greater action and leadership in 2022 and beyond.

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5 Essential Themes for 20251:

  • Climate Leadership: Shaping the future of Business: With the re-entry into the Paris Agreement, business has a vital role in putting the US back at the head of the climate table. Discover how to set a new strategy and actions for the business that delivers both impactful change and shareholder value
  • Driving Diversity Equity & Inclusion: With social equality and racial issues front and center, business needs to take a stand and help deliver an equal society. Learn how businesses are taking a strategic and transparent approach to DE&I and leading on both local and national issues
  • ESG Disclosures & Investments: The sustainability transition is the largest investment opportunity in history but the tools available to inform investment decisions are limiting the progress towards a Net Zero, just economy. Understand how mandatory climate risk reporting, a move towards standardisation and a common language will redefine investment approaches
  • Policy & Regulation: Leading Business to a new future: With over 100 environmental rules rolled back by the previous administration, President Biden’s election marks an important change. Hear how collaboration between business, NGOs and policy makers on environmental and social action will deliver the setting for the US to lead action on the sustainability imperative
  • Value Chain Transformation: There’s an increasing scrutiny on supply chains and the critical importance they pose to companies’ environmental and social goals. Increasing supplier engagement is crucial for those businesses looking to meet their Net Zero goals and demonstrate real leadership. Learn how we can rebuild a resilient supply chain through incentivising suppliers and communicating the standards that you require

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Ana Uzcanga
Project Director
Sustainable Business
Reuters Events

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