Reuters Events: Renewable Finance and Investment Conference
September 27, Keynote Day 1
Reuters Events: Renewable Finance and Investment 2021, will bring together asset owners, institutional investors, policy makers, corporate buyers and developers to bridge the gap between capital and infrastructure. Providing key insights into market power prices and macro level trends, subsidy free financing models, unlocking new markets, and navigating risk to ensure asset bankability.
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What does this pass include:

  • Access to Day 1, Keynote day as a free attendee ONLY.
  • Access to all of the keynote presentations, fireside chats, and panel discussions on September 27th, Keynote Day
  • Use the interactive Live Q&A and polling tools to interact with the keynote speakers and ask them your burning questions, on September 27th, Keynote Day
  • Explore the virtual exhibition, downloading partner content and material on Day 1 Keynote day. 
What you will learn:

The Keynote day aims to discuss the current market appetite for investment and financing from private and public sectors. It will explore macro trends, and ways in which people can either enter new verticals and markets or expand their portfolio internationally.

It will educate people on the different opportunities and support that is in place though new and existing governmental policies.

And finally, it will highlight the ways in which the corporate sector needs to be integrated in order to ensure that renewable financing and investment continues to grow at a steady rate to ensure the Net 0 and carbon free rules are met globally.  
What is NOT included with the Keynote Pass:

  • No access to the full 3 day event, only access on Day 1
  • No access to the networking platform, 1-1 bespoke messaging tools or discussion boards
  • No access to the executive roundtables or workshops
  • No access to the agenda sessions on September 28 -29th
  • No access to the On Demand Hub.
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Keynote Day, September 27th Agenda:

Keynote Panel: The Future of Sustainable Power Financing

  • Receive top thought leadership on where the industry is heading and what steps need to be taken, providing you with a roadmap informed by some of the biggest names in renewable financing and investment
  • Explore the macro trends such as taking wind & solar merchant, financing a hydrogen economy and more, stressing potential verticals for you to enter or expand into
  • Understand how integrating the corporate sector may be the best way to reach Net-0 goals and get renewable projects financed, and in operation quickly and effectively

Keynote Panel: Europe: A Power Market Post Green Deal?

  • Discover what renewed support will be made available over the years of recovery, allowing you to adjust your operations to markets with government guarantors. 
  • Receive clarity on new and existing policies, eradicating doubt and enabling you to manage your capital securely and profitably
  • Hear how the priorities of policymakers have shifted, positioning yourself to lead the pack when applying for auctions

Keynote Panel: US Renewables and the Biden Effect

  • Hear how the new administration will stray from the old and what opportunities this will open up for native and foreign investment
  • Come to terms with what federal support mechanisms will be in place and for how long, enabling you to structure finance for projects further down the pipeline
  • Witness best practices to raise tax equity in a depressed economy, to qualify for precious tax credits and save capital to reinvest

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