Tackling Biodiversity Loss Briefing
Biodiversity is critically important to human health and livelihoods yet it is declining faster than at any other time in history.  The Dasgupta Review found that there has been a 40% drop in the stocks of natural capital between 1991-2014, seriously harming nature’s ability to regenerate.

We’ve recently produced an 58 paged briefing which looks into how business, policy makers and investors are rising to the challenge of valuing natural capital.
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Key takeaways of report include:

  • Eschewing single use plastics for bio-based packaging: Kickstarting reuse models and sustainable packaging alternatives
  • Promoting regenerative agriculture and sustainable forestry offsets through carbon financing and educating girls
  • Sustainable Investment Rules: The European Commission’s controversial decision to include biomass for energy in its new rules
  • Funding forest conservation through carbon offsets: An analysis on the newly launched LEAF coalition
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