2022 will be a defining year. No country, company or community can tackle the future alone.
From confronting climate change to the future of the office, the finance revolution to combating racial and global inequality, 2022 will be a defining year. Key decisions on the way we live, work, travel and bank will shape a generation.

Reuters NEXT is a free virtual global conference that brings together world leaders, big business and forward-thinking pioneers to inspire, drive action and accelerate innovation to tackle humanity’s greatest challenges.

Combining a diversity of voices with true global outreach, this is where new ideas and perspectives can flourish.
Hear from Global Leaders and Forward Thinkers at Reuters NEXT:
Gain access to first-hand insights on the biggest challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Reuters NEXT, brings together world leaders, big business, and change-makers to move forward together.  
Discover What’s NEXT for Humankind
Built around five key pillars and featuring a diverse range of 150+ voices from around the world. Each handpicked by a Reuters journalist because of their unique perspective on the biggest global decisions that need to be taken in 2022.
  • POLICY FOR PROGRESS - An opportunity to hear from political leaders, policy makers, central bankers and regulators on how policy can work towards progress for the whole of society.
  • BUSINESS OF GROWTH - We speak to leaders and disruptors from the business and finance world about new areas of growth and what companies are doing to support the recovery from COVID-19.
  • A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE - The health of our planet and societies are fundamental for the future. As world leaders come away from COP26, we look at the next steps on some of the most critical issues.
  • RADICAL REDESIGN - The pandemic has accelerated new ways of living and working. What will this new life look like and what are the new inventions and philosophies that will shape it?
  • A FAIRER WORLD - The world has never been richer yet deep injustices remain. We consider how to close the gap between rich and poor, issues of racial injustice and representational inequality, access to education, the Internet, free speech and a free press
This December, it is your chance to be a part of the world’s largest movement to create a new vision for a better tomorrow.
Who's attends Reuters NEXT?
The world’s biggest brands attend Reuters NEXT:
Global leaders and forward thinkers from across:
Why Reuters NEXT is a must attend virtual event?
This December, it is your chance to be a part of the world’s largest movement to create a new vision for a better tomorrow.
Gain access to first-hand insights from global leaders and forward thinkers on innovative solutions and opportunities that will define the world
This is the time to get the bigger picture of how our many challenges and disruptions interconnect to shape our future, whilst asking the difficult questions that will help us to set a new way forward
At a time when trust and accountability matter more than ever, join Reuters journalists to examine the trends, questions and impacts shaping business and society
Over 40,000 top executives from business, government, international organizations and civil society, as well as leading experts will come together to network, engage and exchange strategies to navigate these uncertain times
We create the topics, you set the discussion. There are plenty of opportunities to connect, engage and build partnerships with the leaders that are driving meaningful change
The ONLY forum bringing leaders and individuals from around the globe together, seamlessly connected
Your Free Digital Pass Includes:
  • Access all live presentations, fireside chats, panels and breaking news!
  • Make your voice heard through live questioning, in-depth Q&A and polling!
  • Access all our pre-event content weeks, webinars and exclusive interviews
  • Be part of the most crucial meeting of 2021
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