Why is greater flexibility in warehouse and distribution operations so critical to omnichannel supply chain performance?
Reuters Events and Maersk bring you exclusive insights in our latest whitepaper on why greater flexibility in warehouse and distribution operations is so critical to omnichannel supply chain performance.
It is a time of enormous pressure on supply chains and the professionals that keep them moving day-in, day-out.

Demand patterns that do not conform to historical trends have triggered strategic shifts from retailers and manufacturers to take advantage of changes in consumer habits. But a key factor here is ensuring that this omnichannel approach is as seamless and efficient as possible.

The flexibility and capability of warehouse and distribution operations can hold the key to providing a agile and resilient supply chain, capable of delivering for customer in the way they want.

To address these issues, Reuters Events, in partnership with Maersk, have produce the whitepaper: Why is greater flexibility in warehouse and distribution operations so critical to omnichannel supply chain performance?
Featuring the insights of leading executives from companies including Beiersdorf, Nestlé, Maersk and Savills, this whitepaper is packed with expert opinion to aid you on this journey, taking you through how supply chains are being challenged, and offering the solutions to prevent them facing the same challenges again.

Key talking points in the whitepaper:

  • How to balance challenges and shift to operate your supply chain securely in a high-risk, high-demand environment
  • Which in-warehouse technology is taking centre stage to revolutionise efficiency and capabilities of operations
  • The key building blocks to establishing a robust warehousing network that can weather storms and provide long-term sustainability
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