Insurance 3.0 Whitepaper: Fueled by Data, Driven by Insight
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Before paving the way for a new age of digital insurance, setting strong foundations is vital.

Insurance carriers must distinguish data as a strategic asset that holds the key to unlocking digital and creating new, powerful products – but this is no straightforward task. So, what steps can we take to achieve actionable, credible insight from immense amounts of data?

We asked C-Suite leaders to answer this key question in this brand-new, free whitepaper sponsored by Capgemini.
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Learn from industry leaders as they break down the most vital insight to:

  • Deliver new products, services and capabilities whilst harnessing insights from immense pools of data
  • Address the challenges (and benefits) of a strong digital core and cloud approach for insurance
  • Maximize the potential of historical data silos and prepare for the capture and use of new IoT, telematics and social media data
  • Provide analytics teams with high quality, pertinent data to fuel analytics engines and drive the necessary insight to find points of competitive differentiation 
“Much more can be done to close the chasm between how companies perceive the quality of their data and its actual usefulness.”
Ajish Gopan, VP & Global Head - Insights & Data (Insurance & Health), Capgemini

“Data is messy and not very rewarding to work with. It is expensive, the systems are rigid, and it needs organizing, disambiguation and correction.”
David Hopewell, Former Head of Analytics & Divisional Chief Financial Officer, Transamerica

“Cloud computing is probably playing the biggest part in the story.”
Paul Drennan, Chief Data Science Officer, The Hartford

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