Discovery Workshop: Driving Business Value with Humanized Supply Chain Visibility (In Partnership with Tive)

Wednesday October 6 – 2-3:30 ET/1-2:30 CT

Discussion Points: 
  • Visibility means different things at different companies; tailor supply chain visibility to your business by assessing where it will add value to your team while avoiding information overload and analysis paralysis 
  • Integrate real-time visibility solutions and cultivate a collaborative team culture into your existing logistics operation to eliminate preventable shipment delays and damage 
  • Leverage supply chain visibility to move beyond single, operational siloed supply chain decision making, and better understand the broader risks & impacts of events on the entire value chain 
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Audience Criteria: 

  • Region: North America 
  • Industry: Retailer, Manufacturer, Logistics  
  • Seniority: Directors, VP, SVP, C- Suite 
  • Responsibilities: Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, Technology 

  • Collaboration: Come together with up to 8-10 professionals in your field to brainstorm and form industry next steps to common challenges
  • Face time and interaction with other human beings(!): During COVID-19, take this opportunity to connect in an informal environment with likeminded people from across the globe, but are all working on the same things as you

These invite-workshops are a part of Reuters Events Supply Chain Execution (October 6-7, Virtual)

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