Reuters Events: Global Energy Transition 2022 (June 14-15, New York) is full steam ahead on delivering a net-zero energy sector. We will be convening 500+ key energy decision makers for two days of exclusive insights and strategic planning, to help you deliver the business-critical information you need to guarantee market share and futureproof your organization.

The Five Pillars of Global Energy Transition 2022:

  • Delivering Net Zero: What do successful transition business models look like? How are global businesses navigating this complex energy environment?
  • Society, Governance & People: How will the energy transition affect your workforce and long-term talent pipeline? How can we ensure a Just Transition?
  • Markets, Finance & Investment: What is the role of markets in the energy transition? How can we build burgeoning markets in the energy transition sector?
  • Clean Technology & Electrification: What are the latest innovations in clean technology that will drive your organisation’s transition forward? How can we realise mass electrification?
  • The Industry Transition: What does the heavy industry of the future look like? How will CCS and other technologies evolve the heavy industry of tomorrow?

Our market-leading speaking roster includes:

Why Global Energy Transition 2022 is a must-attend for energy insiders:

  • Business-critical market updates, directly from the boardroom: Hear from 75+ CXO speakers who will analyse market risks, outline long-term sustainability strategy, and explore emerging energy transition market spaces, keeping your business ahead of the competition
  • Practical learning and actionable takeaways: Focus on solving your day-to-day challenges with 40+ in-depth sessions across five pillars of discussion and every vertical of the energy transition
  • Secure facetime with major players and peers: Meet 500+ senior executives in-person from energy producers, utilities, renewables, investment, policymakers, heavy industry, and the entire energy ecosystem to kickstart your sales strategy and refresh your pipelines

Attended by major market leaders including:

We welcome your feedback on the event and look forward to seeing you there. Let us know if you’re interested in speaking, sponsoring, or group discount savings for your team!

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