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There was a 158% year-on-year increase in North American ransomware attacks in 2020. Followed by a spike to 180% in Q2/2021, growing attacks highlight the urgency of cybersecurity accountability globally. 

To provide critical guidance, Reuters Events has released an exclusive whitepaper to distil the facts, analyze the solutions, and posit new models for cyber accountability. 
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As critical reading for all CIO, CTO and privacy professionals, with exclusive commentary from Andy Purdy, Chief Security Officer for Huawei Technologies USA, this paper will give you the insights you need to bolster and futureproof your approach. 
Table of Contents
  • Introduction – A New Model of Cyber-Accountability, including an exclusive commentary from Andy Purdy, Chief Security Officer, Huawei Technologies USA
  • Section 1 – An Ever-Shifting Threat Landscape
  • Section 2 – Cybersecurity Executive Order: ‘No Conformance, No Contract’
  • Section 3 - National Frameworks, International Accords
  • Section 4 – Supply Chains in the Firing Line
  • Section 5 – Recommendations for Further Consideration and Action
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