Reuters Events: The Future of Insurance Europe 2021 Official Post-Event Report
The Future of Insurance Europe: Braced for Challenge, Embracing Opportunity & Innovation
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The insurance industry, Europe’s largest institutional investor, has never seemed more indispensable. The drastic surge in climate-related disasters, a spike in significant cyber incidents, and customers far more attuned to public health risks have boosted awareness of the industry’s role as protector of people and the global economy. At the same time, insurance providers are working hard to innovate out-dated legacy processes, integrate new technologies, and meet rising customer expectations.

That’s why in early November, European insurance leaders joined forces at Reuters Events: The Future of Insurance Europe 2021 to share their thoughts and predictions for the future of our industry. Get the summary of all the newsworthy insights, business-critical trends, and brand-new perspectives delivered straight to your inbox now. 
Gain insights from our keynote CEO speakers and expert panellists including:
Featuring the industry’s most urgent challenges:

  • Technology and innovation: Overcome adoption barriers, fully optimise the abundance of data, and assess the right tools to drive business-critical momentum in digitalisation efforts
  • Reckoning with emerging risks: With climate change, cyber and pandemic risk coming out on top, effectively tackle emerging risk and ongoing change to navigate the future European landscape with confidence
  • Optimism and opportunity: Valuable partnerships, new revenue streams, and a growing appreciation of insurance: the big picture opportunities and rewards that await Europe’s most successful insurers 
Key Takeaways to Look Out For:

  • AXA XL on the top 3 risks for the next 5-10 years, and the 3 things they have in common
  • Zurich on their methodologies to set an emission reduction pathway that is realistically achievable by 2050
  • The 3 key components of SCOR’s new strategic plan for the future
  • Beazley on their ecosystem for cyber to understand new threats, vulnerabilities, and how to remediate them 
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