Innovative Technologies Enabling Digital Transformation
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Organizations across the world are eager to establish more productive business processes, reduce environmental harm, and enable their customers to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives. Whilst their approach to reaching these goals may vary, one constant is the importance that all businesses are placing upon Digital Transformation to realize their aims. 

To help you to navigate your Digital Transformation journey, Reuters MOMENTUM is pleased to bring you an exclusive whitepaper featuring innovation exemplars, digital change experts, and enterprise leaders who share the stories behind how they are benefiting from digital innovation programmes.
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Table of Contents
  • Introduction
          New Global Models of Enterprise Digital Innovation

  • Innovative Tech 1
          NGK Insulators: powering and empowering the IoT

  • Innovative Tech 2
          Bupa: global healthcare experience transformed

  • Innovative Tech 3
          Strava: an exercise in digitalizing athletic lives

  • Innovative Tech 4
          XPO Logistics: moving efficiently with the technology

  • Innovative Tech 5
          Nippon Express with Intel Japan: extra care for cargo tracking

  • Innovative Tech 6
          SMK Corporation: Harvesting energy to beat the IoT battery drain

  • Innovative Tech 7
          Ricoh Group: power for sensors in new worlds of operation

  • Innovative Tech 8
          Al-Shera’a and Johnson Controls: a smart building that learns from experience

  • In Conclusion
          Key takeaways
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After a period of intense disruption, there has never been a more vital opportunity to reimagine how we leverage technology to achieve healthier, happier, more equitable and sustainable future for all.

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