Whitepaper: The Augmented Rep: A practical field force guide for the Omnichannel era
After the accelerated digital-first mentally of the last 18 months, companies are now stepping back to recalibrate. And there is an opportunity to reevaluate, everything. This is now a truly omnichannel world in which interactive tools and videos enable the field force to present content seamlessly and facilitate remote collaboration with customers who can be served more flexibly, responsively and at their convenience.

Increasing value for customers will entail changes in how we engage, the workforce makeup, employee retraining, new technology, better use of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), digital innovation, and research on what is driving sales in the market.

In this whitepaper Reuters Events Pharma explored these themes with eight pharma thought leaders about their projections for the industry, particularly Sales.
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Several key themes emerged:

  • Accelerating change: If you don’t acknowledge the need for a systemwide makeover and evolve quickly as a team, you’ll get left behind.
  • Customer centricity: It’s about the time-strapped customer’s preferences and values. No one-size-fits-all approach will do.
  • Digital transformation: Invest in technology and experts with a deep understanding of how to optimize data, analysis and AI to achieve the best results.
  • Change management: Leaders have to create and share a new vision and business plan.  Employees need support, training and resources to move forward.
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You’ll gain insights from:
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With insights from GSK, Pfizer, Amgen, Sunovion, Axtria and more