With the first ever SMR receiving NRC design approval at the end of 2020, the race to bring SMRs to market is well and truly under way. In understanding the challenges of licencing and how to overcome them, now is the time to get a head start.

Reuters Events’ latest white paper - Small Modular Reactors: Overcoming the Licensing Dilemma - provides expert insight into overcoming licensing issues, and the positives of licensing in comparison to big nuclear, including simpler designs and inherently safer technology.
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Here’s a sneak-peak of what to expect in the whitepaper:

  • Understand the challenges: Hear a brief overview of the licensing constraints SMRs
  • From licencing to deployment: An update with key case studies of licencing progress to date
  • SMRs around the world: Update on SMR projects including Rolls Royce developments, explore where they are at in licensing stages, including who they will be applying for licenses from, and interesting movements on licence and regulation
Download your copy of the whitepaper now >>>
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