Reuters Events: Commodities
Trading USA 2022 – Preview.
A global shift toward environmental accountability, major technological disruptions and unexpected economic activity are all creating exciting opportunities and stark challenges for trading houses, investors, producers, traders, buyers, and governments alike.

Reuters Events: Commodities Trading 2022 event (June 7-8, Houston) will unite 300+ industry leaders and experts to keep pace with the energy transition, ensure supply chain efficiency and adopt new technologies to remain profitable in a volatile commodities market.

For a taster of what to expect at Reuters Events: Commodities Trading USA 2022, download the free keynote panel from 2021:

LIVE Q&A: Are we in a Commodity Super Cycle?

Where is the commodity space today relative to the macroeconomy and broader markets? What factors have got us here? Where are the opportunities and risks within the sector? Do metals and agriculture enjoy an energy that is denied to oil & gas? Recovery and demand: just how long does a Covid bounce last?

  • Jeffrey Currie, Global Head of Commodities Research, Goldman Sachs
  • Saad Rahim, Chief Economist, Trafigura
  • Derek Sammann, Global Head of Commodities and Options Products, CME Group
  • Alex Booth, Head of Research, Kpler
  • Moderator: Paul Chapman, Managing Partner, HC Group

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