Redefining the Consumer-Brand Relationship: Personal, Meaningful, Purpose-Driven
It begins and ends with the consumer-brand relationship.

The saturation of marketing has driven a fundamental shift in the way consumers interact with brands. Only marketing departments that forge deeper, more meaningful relationships will survive.

Brands are now firmly engrained in culture, compelling organizations to foster a greater sense of social responsibility. To maintain relevance in this fast-changing landscape, your marketing department needs to be agile, purpose-driven and structured for innovation. Strive to create authentic and engaging marketing campaigns that resonate with your customer.

Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing 2022 brings together the world's most influential CMOs and marketing leaders to create a roadmap for modern marketing departments. Creating teams equipped to leverage new digital touchpoints, create innovative campaigns, and build more meaningful relationships with their audience.
2022’s World Class Line-up of CMOs and Senior Marketing Leaders:

The info pack comes with all the information you need about this unique event, including:
  • The detailed agenda designed in collaboration with our advisory panel: From purpose-driven marketing and brand identity to data storytelling and personalization, we’re bringing marketing leaders together for 2 full days of actionable insights
  • The world’s biggest brands headlining the event: Find out which CMOs and senior marketing leaders will be sharing their knowledge, including CMOs from Kohl’s, Fender, Logitech, Delta Air Lines and many more
  • How to maximize this opportunity and join the movement: from planning your pre-event and onsite networking to registering your attendance with exclusive discounts at the best time
Join 300+ Marketing Leaders and Leverage the Opportunities of 2022:
CMO Strategy and Growth

CMOs are constantly required to think of the bigger picture. Unpredictable customer behaviour and shifting expectations are changing the way businesses interact with customers. Marketing teams must lead organizations to meet these new challenges, prioritizing agility to set up for strategic success.
Brand and Purpose-Driven Marketing

Cultural shifts are forcing brands to question what they stand for and how they fit into the world. Consumers are spending money on the brands they believe in – what binds consumers and brands together is a shared sense of purpose. Is your company keeping up with the latest cultural trends whilst retaining a sense of authenticity?
Data Storytelling and Personalization

When it comes to data, it’s all about trust. Data transparency and integrity are more important than ever - customers expect tailored, personalized experiences yet are hesitant to share their data. How can your brand prioritize relationship building in order to diversify the way your data is collected and leveraged?
Engaging Content, Agile Creative, and Innovative Social

For years content has been at the heart of effective marketing strategy. As social media rapidly evolves with no signs of slowing down, brands must champion innovation to stand out in an over-saturated digital market. Is your brand equipped to create engaging, authentic content?
6 Reasons You Cannot Miss Strategic Marketing 2022
  1. 30+ Case Studies: Benchmark against the best: With an agenda packed with real-life case studies, showing you the successes and challenges from a range of new projects – you’ll leave with a clear idea of where you’re at and where you need to focus
  2. No more zoom doom: After almost 2 years of zoom meetings, we’re super-charging networking time at Strategic Marketing 2022 with a bespoke meeting service– allowing you to experience both ‘chance encounters’ and planned meetings that make a difference to your career and business.
  3. Interactive roundtables: Get under the skin of the issue: Sometimes, challenges need to be discussed and debated. To facilitate this, interactive roundtable debates run across all topic areas.
  4. 5 Critical Themes: Focus on what matters – with a conference agenda built in consultation with marketing leaders for marketing leaders, we will focus on 5 critical themes – Executive Strategy & Growth, Brand Marketing, Data Analytics & Customer Insights, Content & Creative, social media & Influencers. You’ll be able to tailor your time out of the office to your learning needs.
  5. Real World Case Studies: Expand your knowledge: You’ll have access to leading industry experts, who are leading marketing teams at the world’s biggest brands. Deep dive into business-critical topics and real world strategies, best practice and results.
  6. Your safety is our priority: This conference is produced under the Reuters Events All Secure Pledge – which is our commitment to upholding a safe environment for Reuters Events customers. Please go to Reuters Events: All Secure Pledges to find out more about the safety requirements for this event.
With more brand representation, more in-depth tracks and more interactive sessions – you’ll walk away from these two days with a practical strategy to set up for innovation and meet new challenges.

If you are interested in hearing more about our movement, I’d love to talk through the agenda with you – just let me know and we’ll set up a call.
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