Reuters Events: Oncology at Total Health 2022 is the place where the standard is set by 150+ executives for the delivery of innovative, high quality and equitable care. Our world-leading convention is where leaders of Oncology health systems, payers, policy makers, pharma and health tech intersect to unveil the transformative potential of ground-breaking technology and optimized business operations in Oncology care.
The 3 key themes Oncology leaders are uniting to discuss:
1. Latest and greatest in Oncology

With technology evolving at an expeditious rate, its essential to unearth prime technologies and understand what our peers are doing to minimize the strain on the workforce, and ensure best practice grows alongside the incorporative of technology, and care delivery advancements.

2. The digitization of treatment pathways

Discover state-of-the-art technologies to help create logical, value-based treatment pathways, that not only support patients and care providers, to navigate a complex system with myriad cancer types, but also motivate payer buy-in. Master the knowledge behind how these will aim to revolutionize treatment and alleviate pressure the cancer crisis is causing.

3. Policy, payment and collaboration

Payment pathways that have the potential to change equitable access to healthcare. Grasp a better understanding towards the partnership between key stakeholders, and the role they play in facilitating reimbursement strategies.
Our industry-leading speaking roster includes: 
Why Oncology at Total Health is a must-attend event for Oncology executives:

  • Optimize you business operations and scientific expertise through our ‘Business of Oncology’ conference angle: COVID-19 showed us that health isn’t a science-based problem, it’s a business problem. Collaborate with your peers to bring the latest treatments, and personalized solution pathways to your patients
  • Satisfy your senses by experiencing our exhibition space: Explore and experience what innovative technologies and systems have newly penetrated the market and gather months-worth of technology research in a matter of days. Being able to physically encounter these solutions is essential to gather a better understanding of how solutions work, in-turn saving your time in the future
  • Learn what’s working best in the industry: This is the chance to benchmark your solutions against industry-leading peers’ and establish what works best in your business. Cut through the noise and don’t get left behind, become the best healthcare business you can be alongside your peers
Attended by major market leaders including:
We welcome your feedback on the event and look forward to seeing you there. Let us know if your interested in speaking, sponsoring, or group rates for your team. 
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