When Congress passed last year’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, the stage was set for a different future in terms of how the United States viewed its responsibility to climate change. This $1.2 trillion bill unlocked a country-wide upgrade like no other.

Reuters Events latest whitepaper explore the far-reaching ramifications of a changing U.S. climate policy landscape and asks, crucially, what impact this will have on businesses navigating the transition.
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  • Understand the potential impacts of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Build Back Better Bill on your business and harness the once-in-a- lifetime low carbon business opportunities on offer
  • Explore the long-term impacts of changing U.S. regulatory on the energy transition and future-proof your business model to overcome ongoing market turbulence
  • Deep-dive into the consequences of both bills at a state level, and understand the impact of White House policy on business operations and transition opportunity in your state  
We hope you’ll enjoy reading the paper. The Energy Transition team would like to thank everyone who contributed to the report. 

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