The Critical Role of Port Upgrades in European Offshore and Floating Wind Report
As European energy security reaches a critical level, the spotlight is on offshore wind to save the day. The industry has seen targets increase to 450GW by 2050, and the opening of new lease areas across Europe means the pressure on port facilities to support project roll out is higher than ever. Billions in investment will be needed to support European port upgrades between now and 2030 to aid offshore wind expansion; so, is enough being done?

Reuters Events interviewed industry experts from EnBW, DNV, Carbon Trust and Atkins Global to reveal all you need to know about the current port upgrade challenges in Europe and what needs to be done to support the incoming wave of offshore wind projects.
Here are the key topics that the paper focuses on:

  • Expansions and Upgrades Needed at Ports for Floating Wind
  • Staging for Installation and Long-Term O&M
  • The Port Development Jigsaw
  • UK Policies Support Floating Offshore Wind
  • Financing Port Upgrades
This whitepaper will give you insights from expert contributors such as:

  • Klaus Ulrich Dreschel, Team Manager Civil Engineering Offshore Wind, EnBW
  • Don Lamont, Head of Rivers, Dams, and Maritime Services, Atkins Global
  • Sam Strivens, Manager of Decarbonization and Floating Wind, Carbon Trust
  • Ben Chilvers, Principal Engineer, Offshore Energy Systems, DNV

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