Legal Leaders Case Study Compendium Volumes 1 - 4 
The best GCs know they cannot afford to just be company lawyers; they proactively assume their responsibility to anticipate threats and collaborate across disparate business teams to shape the strategic direction of their organisations and mitigate risk.

Real world examples

These case studies detail how leading General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers and senior legal operations executives have translated current governmental, technological, or regulatory developments into practical implementations which have tangibly improved how their organisations operate.

Volumes 1 - 4 collated for your convenience

Learn from the full breadth of expertise imparted by all 16 contributors to date with topics including:

  • How One Legal Department Found the Metaverse
  • Driving Business Change to Succeed in Highly Regulated Industries
  • Legal and Compliance Radar
  • Corporate Legal Shared Services – A Success Story
  • Reframing the narrative: from corporate shield to business partner

Download your free copy of Volumes 1 – 4 now >>>

Download your free copy of Volumes 1 – 4 now >>>
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Download you free copy of Volumes 1 – 4 below
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