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Whitepaper Contributors:

  • Greg Toornman | Vice-President, Global Materials, Logistics and Demand Planning | AGCO Corporation
  • Shauna Gamble | Chief Procurement Officer | Bombardier
  • Rogerio Branco | Executive Vice President & Chief Supply Chain Officer | Eaton
  • Gregory Belt | Head of Digital Core Solutions, North America | Fujitsu
  • Nigel Rouch | Senior Vice President, Technology | XPO Logistics Europe
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Whitepaper Highlights:

  • The gaps and inadequacies of current supply chain technology infrastructures that are forcing employees and partners to spend a great deal of time searching for information
  • Case Study on how AGCO has incorporated flexibility into its systems to allow for the appropriate data to be passed onto its freight partners
  • The 6 elements that Bombardier envisions will be in place in many supply chain verticals as a result of digital transformation, including a single ERP solution and blockchain inventory visibility
  • Case Study on how Eaton started their journey towards a more adaptable system by focussing on the low-hanging fruits
  • The opportunities that XPO Logistics sees in this market through the use of edge computing
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