Exclusive Insurance Q&A: A New Age of Transformation
With the Canadian Insurance industry facing a myriad of unpredictable changes, carriers need to rethink their organizational strategy and transformation efforts to ensure they are ready for whatever the future may hold. Having an adaptable strategy that ingrains innovation at its centre will ensure your organization can cater to modern, digital needs.

That’s why we spoke with industry-leading speakers about their thoughts on the challenges to innovation in the Canadian insurance market and where they think the industry is headed. Check out what they have to say on Technology, Partnerships, Talent, Leadership, Digitalization and more.
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As they provide answers to business-critical questions:
  • What has been the biggest challenge to Canadian insurers innovating and overcoming legacy systems?
  • Why and how do traditional mindsets towards innovation impact change within the Canadian insurance space? How can this be overcome?
  • We saw many carriers rethinking their strategies within a short timeframe due to the pandemic. How can new innovations be sustained in future years?
  • What new trends do you think Canadian insurers should expect in the next 5 years?
“I think the way we overcome these issues and rise to the challenge is by collaborating more effectively.”

Marc Lipman, President & CEO, Lloyd’s Canada
“The primary role of leadership starts by probing whether they are doing an initiative because it’s easiest for them or because it creates the most value for their customers? These aren’t mutually exclusive, but if they keep putting themselves first, eventually they’ll find themselves last.”

Hashmat Rohian, Vice President & CTO – Emerging Business Models, The Co-operators
“Change needs to come from and be supported by the highest echelons of the company for meaningful and sustained change across the organization”

Anna Foat, Director Design Literacy, Sunlife Financial
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