Reuters Insight Tech Investment Report – Analytics & AI
How valuable would it be to see how 500+ Insurance executives approach investment in Analytics & AI – including their results, ROI and lessons learned.
In this exclusive report from Reuters Insight, you will get the learnings and tools to:

  • Uncover how Analytics & AI investment is prioritized across the industry to benchmark your strategy
  • Discover how to maximize your ROI of Analytics & AI tech with targeted deployment
  • Find out how and where insurance executives utilize Analytics & AI investment to inform your implementation
This report is built from industry-sourced data that highlights the areas in which peers in the insurance industry have achieved most success to date in the application of Analytics/AI.

Here’s a snippet of the key takeaways and powerful stats:

  • 87% of investment dedicated to improving CX either met or exceeded expectations – striving to anticipate customer needs at each contact point to deliver a more predictive service
  • Investment dedicated to increasing operational capacity without increasing costs, met or exceeded expectations in 95% of cases
  • Current versus anticipated investment by technology type, plus perceived returns
  • The top 5 success criteria applied to Analytics & AI
  • The top investment objectives aggregated against ROI
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