Reuters Events: The Future of Insurance Canada 2022 Timed Agenda
Transform Uncertainty Into Opportunity
Industry disruptions have not slowed down – so carriers need to speed up. Ever-changing customer expectations, daunting technology transformations and unprecedented risks dominate the reality facing carriers today.

Join us at Reuters Events: The Future of Insurance Canada 2022 (September 13-14, Toronto) as we gather 300+ industry executives to conquer great challenges with even greater strategies. Encompassing innovation, technology, customer and risk, attend this event to survive the new norm of continuous disruption.

Re-envision your strategy to ensure unparalleled growth and sustainable ROI throughout future change. Understand what technology you should invest in next, how to properly utilize the abundance of data available and deliver agile products to build lifelong customer relationships. Leverage emerging risks as an opportunity to diversify your portfolio and secure your position as a market leader.

The future is coming, are you?
Hear From the Most Senior Insurance Speaker Faculty in Canada:
The 4 Key Themes at The Future of Insurance Canada 2022:
Strategy & Innovation:

Seismic shifts have changed the insurance industry and there is no going back. The digital revolution, the Great Resignation, climate change and much more, have all impacted insurers from individual teams to the wider organizational picture. This is not a time to stick to traditional strategies, rather, an opportunity for insurers to transform the way they operate and expand themselves into new horizons. Take challenges as lessons, partnerships as opportunities and new start-ups as motivation to build your position in the future of insurance.

Technology & Data:

The digital revolution has made its way to the insurance industry and it’s time to take advantage. As an industry build on legacy systems, reap the benefits of the myriad of innovative technology, from telematics to cloud system. Harness the power of new technology to transform how you operate and extend this to your customers with faster processing times, seamless communications and integrated systems that will take you from modern to futuristic.

Product & Customer:

The customer you once knew has changed, and their expectations are only evolving. Covid-19 strengthened the need for digital user journeys, effortless experiences, personalized and flexible products. Insurers need to ingrain customer satisfaction at the core of their business and center their products and strategy around catering to customers to retain them now and in the future.

Emerging Risks:

Recent years have demonstrated the unpredictability of not only industry conditions but also the world around us. While insurers are mostly accurate at-risk prediction and mitigation, the pandemic, cyber-attacks, and climate change prove that some are more volatile than others.  With limited history informing insurers on how to tackle emerging risks, carriers and customers alike need to better equip themselves to fight catastrophic losses and protect themselves. Innovative products founded on advanced technology and data can combat this challenge and new strategies are necessary to building a better prepared tomorrow. 
The Future of Insurance Event Series, Attended by Innovators From:
5 Reasons Why This is the Must Attend Industry Event of 2022:
  • Face to Face Networking: The in-person touch we have all been missing is back. Build vital connections, kickstart new partnerships, and get back to the quality interactions that matter – be that during our coffee breaks, lunch workshops, or post-event networking drinks!
  • Unparalleled Senior Speakers: Hear only from those changing the insurance game. From the CEOs of Canada’s largest carriers to the Insurtech founders and senior thought-leaders pioneering change, our speakers truly represent the driving force of insurance revolution.
  • An Agenda that Asks, and Answers, the Right Questions: Driven by extensive research, speaking to the latest challenges surrounding strategy, product innovation, emerging risk, technology, and customer experience.
  • Canada’s Most Senior Gathering of Industry Executives: No other event matches our 300+ audience, with 70% carrier representation including CEO, Chief Strategy, Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Product Officer, Chief Customer Officer and many, many more.
  • Expertise Across All Business Lines: We recognize not only the overarching challenges facing insurance, but also the particularities within each area, giving you the chance to deep-dive into the specific challenges facing your business line.
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