On Demand Webinar: Personalize patient engagement by integrating your innovation and digital strategies
Determine the role of digital along all touchpoints of every patient journey

Uncovering and acting on unmet patients’ needs is a recurring challenge across the pharma industry. Common issues include poor patient feedback methods, untapped and stagnant data, as well as a lack of digital mechanisms geared to overcome localised pain points.

True patient-centricity requires strategic alignment as early as possible in the patient journey to address unmet needs.

In this latest Reuters Events webinar, leaders from Novo Nordisk, Otsuka, Roche and City of Hope will discuss how to source innovation and implement digital strategies that will allow for well-timed and personalised patient engagement.
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Learnings include:

  • Identify when and where digital engagement is appropriate along each patient journey to ensure patients interact through channels of their preference
  • Learn how to identify and isolate unmet needs to help source and implement the applicable solution, or partner with the right third-party vendors to meet growing patient needs – what do good tech partnerships look like?
  • Align innovation objectives across the value chain to shorten patient support timelines
  • Enhance digital support methods to broaden engagement offering and reduce out of pocket patient costs

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